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Andrea Niven

Artist and Proprietor of Bear Foot Studios

A Bit About Me

Art has always been and continues to be an integral part of my life.  Being an artist has served me very well in my thirty years of teaching elementary students as well as with my involvement in painting sets for numerous community theatre plays.  Currently, I am instructing art classes to adults and children in my community as well as hosting Art Nights at various establishments.  At the same time, I am dedicating more time to my own body of work!  Art encompasses so many aspects of life:  amusement, expression, healing,  excitement, and so many other things.  I firmly believe that a creative and artistic spirit lies within each and ever one of us!  I look forward to nurturing that creative energy with my clients as they embark on their own personal artistic journeys with Bear Foot Studios!

What We Do

Support and Encourage

We strive to offer artistic experiences that nurture creativity and confidence within each artist of all ages and skill levels.  

Collaborate and Customize

We listen to our clients' needs and collaborate to customize an art experience that meets their individual needs and expectations.

Quality Programming

We take pride in creating quality programs of high-interest to artists, while being mindful of the fundamental principles and elements of visual art.

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