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I had two paintings featured in this show.  Left:  Vital Energy - Mixed Media 36 by 48 inches  Right: Kaleidoscope - Self Portrait - Mixed Media 36 by 36 inches


I submitted one painting for this exhibit entitled, Oleleshwa - acrylic on canvas 36 by 36 inches


Artist Statement

In the midst of an impoverished area of the Maasai Mara of Kenya sits this wise woman, an elder of her tribe. The pain and suffering she has endured over the years is evident in the rugged lines of her weathered face and her gnarly fingers are damaged from years of hard work on the land.  Her outer fragility is deceiving for she possesses an inner well of strength within her that does not permit her to give-up,  regardless of circumstance. She has suffered through drought, famine, sickness and the death of friends and family, but these tragedies do not break her spirit.  She sits proudly, draped in her colourful scarves of honour and points to the Oleleshwa tree, always green, offering healing with its caphor leaves, always remaining a symbol of hope for her people.  The children stand and listen to their teacher as she tells them to be strong and resilient, like the tree, and to never lose  hope for a brighter future. 

Far Out Show - Group Exhibit

Leamington Arts Centre

October 17 - November 12/ 2023

La fleur guérisseuse (The Healing Flower)

Mixed Media 36 inches by 36 inches


Oil on Canvas 

3 panels

IMG-7285 (1).jpg

At Least

Mixed Media

2 panels 24 inches by 36 inches each

Take a Look at the Show Below
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